One of the things I’m very proud of:
I’m on Mehron packaging!

About Me

Hi I’m Samshine!

I am a Canadian Artist who simply loves to create. Throughout my various endeavours, my favourite creative outlet has become body art. Although I have been creating art my whole life, I really found my happiness when I started using my body as a canvas. Using my body as a canvas has taught me so much self-love and acceptance. 

Finding my happiness has quite literally changed my life. 

Happiness, for me, is all the small things in life. It’s cuddling my cats, Michelangelo and Stormy. It’s watching Gilmore Girls for the 10th+ time. It’s the smell of lilacs in the spring, or the salty scent of the sea air. 

I feel like my purpose on this planet is to spread happiness, even if it’s just for a moment. This site is full of photos, videos, and products that might bring you some happiness. Maybe it’s a video that makes you smile, or it’s the idea of getting your own wearable body art through our store. Maybe it’s just the pretty colours, but feel free to stay as long as you like until the happiness makes it to you. 

I want to be a part of your unique Happy moments from makeup, to photography and everything in between. 

Thank you and welcome, Sunshines!

“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”

~ Vincent van Gogh ~

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